Minimalist bright bathroom

Minimalist bright bathroom berlin
Minimalist bright bathroom california
Minimalist bright bathroom san francisco
Minimalist bright bathroom poznan

The programs I used

3ds max
corona renderer

Minimalist bright bathroom

In the whirl of work, you return to the oasis, which reminds you of the annual purpose of your holiday. You capture the beginning of a common road in the form of photographs displayed on an electronic album. Tropical plants and immaculate minimalism allow you to relax during a hot bath. A natural space that can be a prelude to paradise. Paradise, which was an inspiration to space.
About arrangement

1. Usable area – reusable. There is a beautiful lot of Doti basin in it. It is mounted on a 150 cm hanging cabinet. Roomy with separate lockers for each of the newlyweds.
2. On the opposite side, the complement in this zone is the Loca toilet bowl and the delicate shape Bidet.
3. This zone has been finished with natural oak planks and tropical plants emphasizing the uniqueness of the bathroom by introducing a bit of contrast.
4. The second part was separated by panes and sliding doors. There is a comfortable Thermo free-standing bathtub in it. Completed with Sienna free-standing mixer. Perfect for long baths.
5. On the other side there is a shower zone with a BLU set. The whole is complemented by a small wooden element which is a handy table, contrasting with the large light plates located in this zone.

All interested in the project, visualizing your dream bathroom, I invite you to write a message through the form on the contact page.

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