loft style kitchen

Kitchen in a loft style with dimensions of 3 m to 4.5 m. Opposite the window, the place where the sink was placed on the right side of the exit were placed successively a fridge stove to the top of the cabinet on the left side of the kitchen was equipped with a worktop over which are made of metal elements

loft style kitchen
loft style kitchen
loft style kitchen metalic

Technical data of kitchen


Dimensions and adds

Table top: oak
Cabinets: black matte metal
Shelves: black matte metal
Tiles on the floor: light gray
Tiles on the wall: white rectangular

Width: 3,5 m
Height: 3 m
Length: 4,2 m
Fridge: 1
Dishwasher: 1
Bake: 1
Cabinets: 13
Shelfs: 1

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