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Ford 999 modeling - with textureFord 999 car modeling

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3ds max

Ford 999 – a racing car produced by the American motor company Ford Motor Company in 1902. The car was made only in duplicate.
This vehicle is the result of Henry Ford’s passion for racing. Deprived of the body, only with the driver’s seat mounted behind a huge 18.8 liter engine, which was mounted on a wooden body.

Ford 999 – Henry Ford’s fastest and at the same time the most beautiful car ever. Visualization of a beautiful car of the twentieth century

Henry Ford is known mainly thanks to the T model, which was the first mass-produced car in the world. Hardly anyone, however, realizes that this enterprising American signed up at the beginning of the last century on the pages of the history of speed records.
Fig. Public domain Henry Ford thought that car racing is a great advertising platform for car manufacturers. Therefore, he decided to establish as the world’s first speed record on land outside Europe. For this purpose, he went to a frozen lake in Ostend (near Michigan) to try there.

The first copy of this car was painted in red, the second one – constructed at the same time, and called „Arrow” – in yellow.

Ford 999 old car
Ford 999 old car
Ford 999 old car poland

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Technical data Ford 999



S4 18 800 cm³
Power supply system: b.d.
Cylinder diameter × piston stroke: b.d.
Compression ratio: b.d.
Maximum power: 70 HP (51 kW)
Maximum torque: b.d.

Acceleration 0-80 km / h: b.d.
Acceleration 0-100 km / h: b.d.
Top speed: 147 km / h

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